The party were assembled to hunt a giant boar. The leaders of the expedition, Sothelin Wilhelm, and Berthuld Monheimer paid the hires 5 gold crowns for the job with the promise of 5 more when complete.

Along with a few mercenaries, they found their prey but when they dispatched it, the pet’s owner, a massive Gor and all his henchmen emerged from the forest on all sides. The two leaders, the only ones on horseback ran away immediately. Two mercenaries were killed being closest to the charging ungors.

They were then chased back to Untergard by a horde of beastmen. As our outnumbered party were about to be overrun a squad of Sigmar’s finest musketeers drew forth from the flank and killed all but a Gor who escaped.

Terence Pralinkov feeling sorry for the lost mercenaries approached Rudusch Godgrafen the burgermeister of Untergard with the coin carried by their fallen comrades and asked that by the name of the Emperor the funds be returned to the families.

Harlan Munroe went to exact revenge on their cowardly employers while Taria Marcus and Terence went back to Altdorf to search for new adventures.

Arriving in Altdorf they learn of a great many deeds of late.

From Ohlsdorf comes news that the burgermeister had been murdered by vicious hobbits led by a chaotic dwarf named Grotto Wormbeard.

In Chrobok shortly afterwards it is said the marauding party were briefly held until the forces of Chaos decended upon the town rending the jail containing them apart, and they were lost in the woods bordering the Reik.

A werewolf named Luna prowls North of Altdorf, and remains at large.

Hrundlebert Ironhead the troll slayer asks around about Luna but only finds a man made mad by the quest.

The party converged and went out only to find Karl returning, having already completed the quest they were hoping to go on.

Karl told them of the dark chaos magic afoot in Schlaghugel and they agreed to join forces and go there to find out why the entire townsfolk disappeared and bring an end to the powers behind it.


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